Despite having inherited all the know-how of its current associate, Curtumes Aveneda, Lda. elected immediately Innovation and Development as its priorities, actively participating in numerous projects from R&TD, individually and in co-promotion with other companies and with various entities from SCT (Scientific and Technological System). The most relevant projects in which the company has been involved in recent years are:


FAMEST - Footwear, Advanced Materials, Equipment’s and Software Technologies






NANOFOOT - Materials, Components and Footwear with enhanced comfort properties based on nanotechnologies.


FLEXIFUNBAR – Multifunctional barriers for flexible structures in the area of textiles, leather and paper. Main partners: CTCP (Technological Center of Footwear in Portugal), several Portuguese companies and Universities and Research Institutes from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Finland, Netherlands and Ireland.


SHOEMAT – Innovative materials for footwear. Main partners: several Portuguese companies, CTCP, University of Minho, INETI/LNEG (National Institute of Engineering, Technology and Innovation/National Laboratory of Engineering and Geology), IPB (Polytechnic Institute of Bragança), FEUP (Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto), PIEP (Innovation Pole of Engineering Polymer) and University of Aveiro.


PREBIOECU – Biological pretreatment of effluents from tanneries. Main partners: INETI/LNEG and CTCP.


ENZICO – Enzymes and innovation in the leather industry. Main partners: CTIC (Technological Center of Leather Industry), ISEP (Superior Institute of Engineering of Porto) and University of Minho.


VEGOR – Energy recovery from waste animal fat for biodiesel production. Main partners: Luís Leal & Filhos, SA and ISEP.


FILMEQUE – Development of films and keratine hydrolysates from bio waste. Main partners: ISEP, CTIC and FEUP.


ADVANCED SHOE – Integration of advanced solutions of materials and product development in high performance footwear. Main partners: several Portuguese companies, CTCP, PIEP, IPB and University of Minho.


ECONATUR – Integration of innovative, ecological and natural technologies in processing of sheepskins and cattle. Participate in all projects was very positive, but participate in this project was the one that had the biggest impact on the company because it had a direct bearing on the production process, the use of low toxicity biocides and the employment of enzyme preparations in various stages of the “wet phase” (riverside process, tanning process and retanning process) enabled a considerable reduction in the dosage of various chemicals. This contributed to a better performance in terms of environmental and quality of the final product. This project was funded under the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework), according to the defined to the Projects in Co-promotion, integrated into the IS R&TD (Incentive Scheme for Research and Technological Development). Main partners: University of Minho, João B. Salgueiro, Lda., CTIC and ISEP.


NEWALK – Materials, components and technology for the future footwear. Main partners: several Portuguese companies, CTCP, CTIC INESC (Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto), IPB, University of Porto and ISEP.